Dont get scammed by Microsoft!


Microsoft is warning users to be wary of a phone scam that has left some victims hundreds of dollars out of pocket.

Scammers are using several well-known brands, including Microsoft, to fool people into believing that something is wrong with their computers. The scam typically unfolds in the following manner:

  • A cold caller, claiming to be a representative of Microsoft, one of its
  • brands or a third party contracted by Microsoft, tells the victim they are checking into a computer problem, infection or virus that has been detected by Microsoft.
  • They tell the victim they can help and direct them to a website that then allows the scammers to take remote control of the computer.
  • The cold caller will then spend some time on the computer trying to demonstrate where the ‘problems’ are and in the process convinces the victim to pay a fee for a service that will fix the computer.

In reality, there is nothing wrong with their computer but the scammer has tricked the consumer into believing there is a problem and that paying the fee is the best way to get it fixed. Often they will also push the customer to buy a one year computer maintenance subscription.  They are just trying to scam innocent computer users out of money

Callers presented themselves in a professional manner and sounded genuine. They are typically eastern European tech support specialist that might otherwise be employeed from 9-5 as legitimate tech support specialists. After work, they resort to using the same lines to scam the same users.

Don’t be fooled, Microsoft is not cold calling consumers in regards to malfunctioning PCs, viruses or any other matter.

We strongly advise our clients to simply hang up if they receive a call of this nature and not to respond to any communications from these scammers. If you learn of this scam, AFTER the fact, we can scan your computer and remove any potential spy related software that the scammers installed. You can also use the free software to scan your computer yourself. AVG Antivirus and Malewarebytes are both very good starting points to get your PC back in working order.

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